Classic Y & R Friday

Well....would a Y&R flashback evah be complete without a nod to......


DANNY ROMALOTTI, ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Said with Mary Katherine Gallagher/Superstar panache!)

This is from the '80's, and he's singing with Lauren, in all of her shoulder-padded glory. Obviously Lauren was taking time off of her regular daily activity of telling Tracy she was fat! That's pretty much what their scenes consisted of back in the day.....Tracy hiding her 'monstrous' appearance, Lauren telling her she was fat, the both of them fighting over Danny, lather, rinse, repeat. Funny thing was, Tracy had a completely normal body, but we were supposed to be mortified whenever we saw her, compared to the other soaptastic beauties:)

Start at about 5:55 for the fantabulous duet.

Sad part is that every time they bring Danny back, we are to believe that he is, indeed, STILL A ROCK STAR!!!! Keep in mind, his main comparisons were to Barry Manilow. He causes quite a ruckess whenever he steps into Crimson Lights. Man, I wish Genoa City would just get a Starbucks already. The richest, most exciting people in North America live there, after all. Surely they can afford $5,000,000 coffee?

End note. 20 years ago, when my nephew was shiny and new, my brother in law used to say upon arriving home....'Where's my son'. My sister would say right back.....

'Who ARE you? Danny Romalotti?'
(She may have added Rock Star!...the archives are confusing)

Danny couldn't seem to get Danny Junior's name right....he just always called him, very formally, 'My Son', much as the word 'ex' has never been used on Y&R. People are always 'My former wife', or in Victor's case 'My formah wife'.

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