Photopolymer printing plates revisited

One week's worth of my PPP trimmings.

I've received a number of e-mails this week from people lamenting the discontinuation of thermal negative film (TNF) from the Whole Lotta Whimsy lineup. They are all asking what I will do going going forward. The truth is, I have never used TNF. I only ever use photopolymer plates (PPP)

The flower was doodled with a .5 stroke width.

No issues on the final product.

People have been led to believe that you can't get fine lines without TNF. I don't know where this info originated because I use as little as a .25 line stroke with no issue on my PPPs. I use a laser printer, although I used to use an inkjet, and it was fine, but laser is better. I don't do any fancy schmancy printer settings, I just print on transparency paper....3M, but I've used Staples brand before, didn't matter. The only issue I've ever had was when I was getting low on toner. Changed it...perfection.

If you are trying to draw directly onto a transparency with a Sharpie ( heart is all a'flutter cause I LOVE sharpies), STOP immediately! Draw on white paper, then copy the image onto a transparency. Even a sharpie will 'drag' a bit of ink on the transparency, while copying from a white sheet gives you a nice, black image. Also, big deal if you make 4,000 mistakes on the white's cheap.

If you're having problems getting your PPP transparencies to come out well, feel free to e-mail me with details as to what you are doing. I may be able to give a tip or two. coachy of me:).

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