How do I love fonts, let me count the ways...

One gazillion!!!!

Wow, do I love fonts. Much of my work incorporates it. The font I choose when placing text on my pieces is as much a part of the art as the actual fabrication. I have 2 go-to favs (Wendy and Century Gothic), and one that is about to become a fav....Simply Glamorous...doesn't the name say it all!! I just discovered it today, and I see great things in it's future:

I've got a new 'spring' box in mind. Was just waiting for the inspiration, and now it's hit.

The Sister's vessel used One Starry Night...awesome name:)

I fuel my addiction by trolling the innerwebs. Aside from Wendy, most of my favs are free fonts. It's just amazing to me what's out there. Just be sure to follow the designer's rules if you plan on selling anything clearly based on one of their fonts, even if free. People seem to think that freeware means you can do whatever you want with it...not so. Most design type items you get for free are still not intended to be used by you for commercial purposes. Be warned.

I keep meaning to watch the documentary 'Helvetica', all about fonts. Yes, a bit odd, but I just truly love the art of the whole thing. As much as I love them, I can't even imagine what goes into creating a new font.

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