Sneak peak...

I'm working on a new box/vessel....similar to Big Bang, but with a different lid setting. No, I'm not trying to shield you from the greatness (hah!), merely forming the too large circle around the small lightbulb. If you don't use your whole hand, you press one side down, and the next pops up. This way the clay is gently formed into place with no distortion.

I believe this one may be my 'how-to article' piece, so I won't show anymore photo's of the procedure. If it doesn't work, I'll figure out something else. This one is sterling, and slightly larger than Big Bang.

I'm incorporating my hallmark onto the photopolymer plate to see if I like the result. Seems like it will work out. Note: the dots are a guide for drilling the legs. I put every possible design feature into the photopolymer plate pattern so I don't have to fiddle with measurements after.

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