Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (Sung by a heavenly choir)

...with sterling silver metal clay! My fav supplier of silver metal clay came out with sterling silver metal clay late last year. Regular metal clay is fine silver (.999 percent silver) which is LOVELY, but a bit too soft for some applications. I have made many rings with it, but have had to take this into account, so the rings had to be a bit sturdier. This is fine, as I really do love large rings, but there were many designs I felt shouldn't be done. The sterling clay makes this possible. Sterling is 92.5 silver (7.5% copper, added for strength).

Anyway, I tried some last night and LOVED it right out of the package. It felt yummy and creamy, and fresh from the kiln just somehow felt more substantial. Can't wait to do more. It has a two phase firing, which sometimes backfires, which is the only drawback. I will continue to use fine silver for my vignettes, and most likely my boxes. With $100 of clay in a box, I can't take the chance that the firing won't go well, and the softer clay is absolutely suitable for both of these applications, plus, firing always goes tickety boo. Ok, now that I've said that, I've probably just tempted the firing gods. My goodness, dealing with the liver of sulfur gods is bad enough:)

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