Damn, I wish I said that...

"For success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential"
Hans Asperger

I've decided that Sunday's posts will be devoted to the fabulous thoughts and words that brilliant people through time have shared with the world. My art has always been inspired by words in any lyrics, quotes, anything written by Pat Conroy, my boyfriend Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, etc. (surprisingly, not 'traditional' poetry). I get the same thrill out of a well spoken thought as others must get from chocolate. I say 'must get' because I simply don't get the chocolate thing. I am a salt girl myself. Only time I think about chocolate is when I'm having a Caesar. For some reason, Clamato and chocolate make a good pair....but that's another post:).

BTW, we all know I've tried to start regular, themed posts a million times. Let's see if I can carry this on for more than 1 week!

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