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So, do we all remember my post on the proper mixing of tiny amounts of Ice Resin and how I have a formula for figuring out the exact amount based on weight as opposed to volume? I'm not even linking to it cause I don't need to belabour how finicky I am. Turns out that you CAN mix by volume, and it doesn't affect a thing, so much ado about nothing.

Sue mixing resin

The REAL goomba aspect of my weighing experience was my lack of knowledge re the 'Tare' button on my scale. Who knew it sets the weight to zero every time you push it....well, rather, who didn't know....oh....ME..... For someone who can't see the forest for the bark on the trees, the fact that this button never raised any red flags for me is truly bizarre.

  1. Put cup on scale. Tare. Scale reads zero.
  2. Put resin in cup. Read amount. Tare. Scale reads zero.
  3. Put hardener in cup till scale reads same amount as resin.
  4. DONE! Now wasn't that easier:)
I am so freaking precise in my work that I make things so much harder for myself. Although, I do still want to know why my bottles say ONLY measure to exact volumes (therefore, weights are different), and the 'generic' bottle directly from the manufacturer says to mix exactly by weight. I guess if I were mixing huge amounts, the disparity would have to be addressed then.

I am currently using resin for all of my 'after firing, joining' you didn't know one could have such needs...such as putting the feet on my boxes. I could fire them in place, but then they would interfere with the final finishing of the piece, which I also like to fuss over. I've used two part glues, but in EVERY case I can tear the glued pieces apart after curing if I really try. Resin is the only permanent solution I have found.

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