Oh Happy Day!!!!!

I am sooooooo happy with how this box came out that .....well, I don't even know. It's a 'tooth box' gift for a friend. I've faded out the baby's name and photo inside the lid just for their privacy, but you get the drift. There are still a few details to go, and I'll give the resin a good 2 days. I'm getting completely excited having little, unexpected details inside of the boxes, such as the photo and the colouring. Of course, when I discover something new like this, I tend to go overboard. I won't be happy till I have Bruce Springsteen shrunk, gold plated and resin-ed into the next one:)

I was so worried when this was in the kiln because of the box drama I had 2 days ago. One thing that worked beautifully was using the filings of my kiln shelf to keep the top from sticking to the bottom during firing. Also, I fired upside down as I never seem to be able to keep the top from slumping a tiny bit, so who cares on the bottom....right?

Now, I have honestly got butterflies in my stomach waiting for the resin to set up...praying it works:).

Dimensions are approx 1.5" accross.

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