The neverending story....

Eureka! I arrived safely back from Lewiston, replaced the thermocouple in my kiln (EASY!!) and we had lift-off. went the boxes...out came the tears. The first box didn't work at all.....don't even want to talk about it:( The Spring one has hope, and the round one came out well.

Don't forget the insides and backs of your pieces. That's where you can really go to town, and customers appreciate the extra steps that you took to make their piece beautiful inside and out.

I've decided to colour the inside with liver of sulphur. I just can't leave it plain. I LOVE it. I especially love when I get really mottled colours. I still have to do some enamel paint on the under the lid flower, and the flower for the handle. The next time I post a pic of this it will be DONE. Of course, in my haste, I forgot to put my mark on it. Might not matter, cause this one may stay on my mantle.

In my box firing frenzy, I was reminded of all of the intricacies of firing them. So many things can go wrong....the walls can bulge out, slump in, the lid can slump, blah, blah, blah. But......can't wait to do more:)

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