Still waiting....

...for my LAST package to be delivered to Lewiston so I can get down there and get productive. Honestly, I really wonder if this forced waiting period (broken kiln, no clay) has been the best thing for me. I normally would throw my stuff in the kiln so quickly, then decide later that I should have done something differently. I like this configuration for the latest box. Sheesh, I sure hope when I get all of these boxes fired, they are not going to be a BIG, FAT DISAPPOINTMENT!! If I don't pull for a higher title (Toddler's and Tiara's speak), I'll be crushed:)

I may go tomorrow anyway, but to tell you the truth I don't know if I'm brave enough. The Man is out of town, and with Charlie in school, I don't feel 100% comfortable going to another country with no backup. A few weeks ago I went to pick Charlie up from school and my car was reason, it tends to be a VW thing...there are a lot of 'technical errors'...goodness, you'd think it was a PC. Anyway, I fear being in Lewiston, gathering my stuff, then discovering that I am stranded. At least if The Man were in the same province, he could get Charlie from school if worse came to worse and I had to stay in the US for the rest of my life. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! You don't even want to know all of the problems I would have with begin with

WHERE WOULD I GET MY CAESARS for Y&R Caesar hour?????????

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