How to article

I am very pleased to have been asked to write a how to article for a major metal clay publication. It greatly appeals to my anal biggest problem will be keeping it at a normal length, not writing in things like 'roll forwards, roll backwards, lather, rinse, repeat'...little control issue Sue??? p.s. don't try bringing food to my house when I have a will be relegated to the nether regions of the house because it wasn't IN THE PLAN!:)

Actually the hardest part I'm finding is coming up with a project that I can be proud to put my name on, that will teach people some very handy skills, but won't turn into a 'Here's how you can copy my work' article. I really do admire those who let it all hang out, and share ALL of their secrets, but I think those people make most of their income from teaching, as opposed to selling their art. So, I've decided on a box project that will be chock full of my homespun techniques, but won't tear the roof off of my processes:) My big reveal will involve how I get perfectly mitred corners in 10 seconds (nope, not using a hobby miter box - walls aren't high enough) process actually involves two pieces of wood. I may yet change my mind, but stay tuned...

Who knows, they may read my article and decide it's not up to snuff. My bigger concern is that they will not like some of my observations, such as:

There is no need to ever join two pieces of metal clay with paste!

It boggles my mind that people are still using paste to put box walls together, then having to deal with messy sanding/cleanup. I have beat my head against the wall too often trying to make people see the light....perhaps this article will do it? Most likely not. I'm sure I'm hanging on to some crazy habits as well....:)

Anyway, don't hold your breath...although the deadline is next month, the issue won't be out till towards the end of the year. I'll keep you posted as to whether I get turned away at the pearly gates of magazinedom, or welcomed with a shiny pot of paste:)

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