Spring can't be far away

For my new 'Spring' box, I'm going to try something a bit different for the top, just haven't figured it out yet:)

I was sooooooo thrilled this week to find out something new about box firing. I fire my boxes with the lids on so that I retain a tight fit, but separating the lid from the box later has proven to be difficult. BTW, the two pieces never technically fuse together, they just kindof stick, then you have to bang them to separate, or use pliers. This can sometimes mark the box. THANK YOU to Wanaree Tanner, a lovely metal clay artist, who found out quite by accident that dusting filed Creative Paperclay on the areas that touch keeps them from sticking.

Of course, once this was brought to my attention, my mind went to various other things that could work.....filing my soft kiln shelf for instance....although this may cause some pitting? Someone else also suggested giving baby powder a try.....ahhhhh!!!....where have I been???? Anyway, some Paperclay is on it's way to me, as well as a new Thermocouple for my kiln. Yahoo, it was only a $20 fix, just hope it works.

I'll post more about the box decor when I figure it out.

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