I've been working on components for something that has been in my mind for quite a while.....involving drifting parachutes made out of hankerchiefs....remember the boys on the street used to use old bread bags or hankies, and tie them to their plastic war figurines or GI Joes and throw them off things:)....Marky Walsh, are you out there?:)

The first was fine, but after I saw it I thought some pattern would be nice. Also, I had put tiny holes in the corners for the strings to attach, but remembered that we used to just gather up the edges and tie it around.

Then came a nice pattern, but I was having difficulty gettting the corners how I wanted them....although the more I look, they seem fine, just can't get the string to grab.

Then came a bit of a different cutout with more 'corner' to grab.

I'm getting there....usually takes quite a bit of experimentation, but when I get the right pattern down it will be easy peasy. I have a lot of vignettes in mind for this, so it's worth the time.....and $. This silver alone is about $20 worth, but I will most likely still find a use for these.

This brings me to another point. The above illustrates why, when people ask me how long it takes to make something, I say "About 10 years". That's because that's how much learning went into being able to make the final product. Take the parachutes for example....once I have this figured out, I will be able to make one very quickly....maybe even in 45 mins. They would, it must be easy, and definitely not worth what she's asking for it. What they will never know is that to get to that time frame I had to:

  1. Perfect my skills making photopolymer printing plates in order to be able to render such fine lines and detail. They may look large, but those 'stitch' marks are zero stroke outline....the parachutes are about 1" square.
  2. Figure out the exact pattern for the's not just a square.
  3. Perfect my skills transferring that image onto the VERY THINLY rolled metal clay (1.5-2 cards) without having it goop up in the printing plate.
  4. Figure out how to make the corners look like fabric gathered up and tied.
  5. Firgure out how to make my tiny name tags (it's on the corner of my 2nd hankie)
  6. Blah, blah, blah.......:)
Remember, each vignette has a number of components, so lather, rinse, repeat for each one:)

On another note....When is the snow coming!!! I love winter, and this rain and yuck is really bothering me. Littlest one goes to a lovely private school with a 'rigorous' athletic program (Think Gordonstoun...Prince Charles???.....Helll??????)....they cross country ski every day in the winter, but where is the snow? We don't mind, cause if you knew Littlest one you would realize that the word 'rigorous' should NEVER be used to describe anything in his world:). Anyway, of course we still had to buy equipment to fit this year, and I will be quite bummed if they never get to use it. Chances are the shoes will be too small next year! Ah!!!!!!!!!!

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