Please send me a Pinterest invite!!!

To any of my followers out there....please send me a Pinterest invite if you have an account already. Pinterest is an online bulletin board where you keep all of your inspirational photo's under various headings.

You get a Pinterest 'button' right on your browser bar, so when you see something you want to remember (recipe, beautiful kitchen idea, blah, blah, blah....) you simply press 'Pin it' and it ends up on your board, in whatever category you create for it. Currently, I troll the innerwebs and save all photo's that appeal to me to iPhoto, then move them into a 'Design Inspiration' folder. I also have to print off any recipe's that I find, or save them in another file. The beauty of Pinterest is:
  1. It's easy
  2. You can access it when you are not with your computer
  3. Others can look at your boards and perhaps be inspired themselves.
The reason I'd love an invite is because when you sign up on the Pinterest site you receive an e-mail saying that you are on the waiting list!.....What????? It made me feel like I was in high school....waiting for the cool kids to decide to invite me to the cool lunch table.....BTW, I only ever made it for about 1 week to the VERY END of the cool lunch table:)...thank you Nancy Wise:) Anyway, I have read that you can be on the waiting list for 1 day, but then others have written that they've sent 10 requests and still can't get on. Apparently, once you are on Pinterest you can send invites to people, and they can get pinning fast.

Soooooo.....PLEASE send me an invite if you are out there reading this.

For now, I'm happy to browse the pinterest site. I am in a perpetual state of "When I do my kitchen", and the pics I've found here for kitchen inspiration have been ones I've not found anywhere else. Waiting.....waiting......waiting........ can send the invite to my business e-mail: . Thanks!

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