Go Big or Go Home

I've spent a lot of creative head time over the past 2 weeks thinking about something that in the past I've tried to squash. What keeps popping into my head are larger (still made of miniatures), more intricate pieces. I've started one today that I'm quite excited about, and the first element...of about 20? in the kiln. In the past, I've been worried about larger pieces, because of the cost, but the funny thing is that I've never had trouble selling them. It's often the smaller pieces that don't sell. I'm always trying to come up with pieces to fit the frames that I have made (I get a better price buying by 10's), but I've simply got to get out of that habit. I'll create, then fit the frame to the piece. BTW, I'm not talking huge here, probably around 12 x 15 + , as opposed to 8x10.

I think the real lesson here is that I should just make what I want, regardless of whether I think it will sell. Seems that the pieces I create purely for the love of the concept are the ones that fly out the door. I'm so excited right now:)

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