A big glass of inspiration juice

I am sooo inspired right now that I can't think straight. I have mentioned in the past my love of Cybele Young, maker of exquisite miniature paper vignettes (among millions of other things). Anyway, I am on her mailing list and she sent a note that she and her family were featured in a new online magazine, Covet Garden. I am in LOVE with this mag!!! Click on Cybele's name above to see the issue on her.

What I love is that these homes are apparently not styled, and have been designed by the owners themselves. I love home mags, and used to love the 'Reader design contest' issues when people sent in their own spaces. Used to love cause when you read further into the descriptions of their spaces it seems that they were designed by professionals, etc. I like to see what regular, artistic, inspiring folk come up with on their own, with their own real-world budgets.

Anyway, whenever I read anything at all about the lives that other creatives live, it shoots picture after picture into my brain of future projects.

I am now working on my first commission order of 2012, and have discovered that 2 of my vignettes sold over Christmas at Zilberschmuck Gallery. I am feeling very blessed for such a grand start to the year. My first goal this year is to have a new sectional made...I've found the maker (FAB furniture guy...yep, I have a 'guy' for everything), got the quote, just need to come up with the funds. Here's the inspiration piece.....I love it in that forever kind of way:

I would also like to come up with charitable component for my business this year. I've long been a fan of the many autism service providers out there, but am well aware that our family is in a unique position in this community to be able to afford what Littlest One requires.....most are not. I can't decide whether to donate a portion of sales, or develop a new line, or sumthin, sumthin.....I'll think on it.......

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