First, thank you to all of the wonderful people who visited me at the One of a Kind Show last week. Your support is truly appreciated.

When I finish that show, I am always completely out of commission for days. This time was no exception. I did absolutely nothing for 2 days, then got to work on my custom orders. All are at the framers now and will be sent out early next week.

While working and resting I watched all 4 seasons of my NEW FAV SHOW...Sons of Anarchy....LOVE IT!!!! For years I have thought to myself that I should be watching this, but just never got around to it. Watch it.....very Sopranos'ish but hipper...OK, not like living a life of violence is hip, just can't explain...:)

During these past few months you'll have noticed that I've been blogging less. I'm kindof shocked that I ever started cause I am simply not a writer, nor have I ever enjoyed writing. I'm not a diary maker, a scrap booker, a memoirist or poet. Every year I come to the conclusion that I don't enjoy it, then take a break and start up again. So......I'm breaking again now. It's just dawned on me that I feel way too exposed. I'm a very solitary person, not social at all, and I feel like having a blog is like leaving my front door open and saying "come on in":). I dumped my facebook account a few months ago for exactly that reason. I am such a techie (usually have my mac, ipad, iphone and kindle all in the same heap), but when I'm exhausted it drives me nuts to know how 'available' it all makes me.

We'll see if the break lasts.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone, and all the best for 2012. I myself will be enjoying my 'occupy New Years' party:) We always have a small party with our tres interesting friends, so this year I have threatened my husband that I will be hosting the campers of the occupy movement...he is against the movement in general (shall we call him 'The Man'), I am all for it....story of our lives:). Hmmmmm.....we can get a lot of tents on our 4 acres.....perhaps I'll give Max Yasgur a run for his money.....Woodstock, people, Woodstock:)

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