New Bracelets

Although the One of a Kind Show starts in about 10 days, and I am WOEFULLY behind, I have a small, one day show at my son's school this Saturday, Hitherfield School in Campbellville. It is actually a joy to participate in because they assign grade 7 and 8 students to you, who fetch food, water, etc., and they give you lunch....home made chili....Awesomesauce!!! The booth fee goes 100% to a fab charity...Sleeping Children Around the World. They provide bedkits to children living in poverty in 3rd world countries. This is not a big venue for my vignettes, because the parents are soooo supportive of my jewelry. Since this is basically the only show of the year where I display jewelry other than my dress pendants, I feel like I have to come up with stuff they'll like.

I will be displaying some earrings along with my dress pendants at the OOAK show, but I am strictly held to those items, and they may only represent 5% of my display. For Hitherfield this year I made some precious little bangles that also draw from my pendant designs. They are double on one side...mouse on another...

The bird bangle at the top has a single bird on the other side. I'm partial to the oval, but I'll mix it up between circle and oval. I have no desire to do squares, though:(

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