Praise the lord!!! Finally!!! Mobile credit card processing for Canada!!!

I, and MANY others, have been waiting for The Square credit card processing system to come to Canada. They are still not here, but now Kudos is up and running! For those who don't know about these systems, they allow you to attach a small card reader to your iPhone (or other similar device) and swipe credit cards. The discount rate is really high, but there are no contracts, so when you don't use it, you don't pay. I currently have to pay $30 per month whether I use my system or not, and there are MANY months in which I don't sell. I did the math, adding up all the credit card payments I put through last year, and I still came out far ahead with Kudos.

I've done some transactions where I have put small charges through my own account. We'll see if they show up in my account in the next few days. BTW, just like at the apple store, the customer signs their name with their finger right on your screen, and they immediately receive their receipt via e-mail or text.

I also set it up so that I only have to put in the sale amount...the tax adds itself!

Anywhere your phone works, Kudos will work! I'll keep you informed. How awesome for outdoor shows!

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