Where have I been?

I haven't posted very regularly for a while, and I can't see a time in the near future when that will change. I have been suffering from the most yucky, sustained bout of vertigo ever. Not being able to get out of bed because of such bad spinning, crazy headaches, etc.

I had a fabulous show at Appleby College last weekend, but the downside of selling a lot when you can't stand up straight and have a huge show coming up in 3 weeks is that YOU HAVE NO INVENTORY! I have been overwhelmed by my sales this year, and simply left things a bit late. Losing days to dizziness just make the stress worse.

Of course, wouldn't you know it, my most popular pieces now are my flower pieces. They are sooooo time consuming and vertigo inducing, but I so love the end product. At a school function tonight, where I could barely open my eyes fully, someone asked if I ever get sick of it all and want to stop. Nope....despite my body's best efforts to make me. Oh, good news though. My carpal tunnel is on a break, so Whooooo Hoooooo:)

It'll all work out, but remember...

It's my blog and I'll whine if I want to.

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