Mixing tiny amounts of Ice Resin

I thought I'd share another one of my processes...mixing small amounts of resin. I am currently using Ice Resin, which is a two parter, and must be mixed in exact proportions. The directions say the smallest amount you should mix is 1/2 oz of resin to 1/2 oz of hardener. Only problem is, I usually have NO need for a full ounce of finished resin, as I work with such tiny stuff. I would end up wasting the product, and since I have to order it from the states it's just best to really stretch it.

So...........I started to experiment (my FAV thing) with the proportions to make small amounts. A fellow artist had told me that I could just use my gram scale and weigh out equal portions, but there is a problem with that. The resin is to be mixed with equal volumes, but they do not weigh the same. The hardener weighs less than the resin. Just by picking up the two bottles you can tell this.

By weighing 1 oz of each, I came up with this formula to get a good mix in any amount.
  • weigh out the amount of resin you want to use.
  • divide that amount by 1.263 and weigh out that much hardener.
For ease, I do the following:
  1. Place my empty cup on the scale....s/b 1.5 grams.
  2. Add resin till the scale reads 4.5 grams (3 grams of resin)
  3. Add hardener till scale reads 6.88 grams (2.38 grams of hardener)
When you are adding each component, go drop by drop when you are approaching the target weight. That will ensure you hit it bang on. If you go over, just redo the math and add more of the other in the proper amount.

Got it? Got it? GOT IT????????:)

Ooops, almost forgot. Keep your used resin mixing cup handy to keep checking if the resin has cured. DON'T touch the resin in your piece...unless you're into the 'fingerprint in the Jello' look:)

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