An exhausting brainwave

We are enjoying a lovely 2 days in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, at the moment. It is so beautiful here....this is the view from my perch by the pool....8 hour drive home tomorrow....yuckers. All praise the iPad for keeping littlest one busy with movies and games. How we used to drive to Florida with 3 of us stuffed in the back and no entertainment baffles me:)

I am completely and utterly exhausted, all because yesterday I had a brainwave of a vignette that simply must be made titled "Mary had a VERY little lamb". I have been thinking of a tiny lamb for a while, but nothing has made me feel like I hit the nail on the head, style wise. Yesterday the finished lamb popped into my head. It actually involves the following:

Silk roving, for all of you non-fibre types. No, I will not just be felting a tiny lamb...that would be expected.

The problem is that when I come up with something, it exhausts me in a way that you may remember after writing a looooong exam. My mind is so focused on the issue that when I finally get it and the job is done, I completely crash. I actually dreamed of it all last night as well, so I woke up feeling like I had been working all night. If you are currently in Tremblant, I'm the crazy lady walking around making shapes in the air with my fingers in order to get my brain to get the sizing right. This is all part of the process before I even touch the silver.

Stay tuned, and hopefully within the next few weeks I will have something. You just never know, It may turn out to be nothing:(

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