Summer Break....and furthering my obsession

I won't be blogging much till September when I start creating anew. We will be taking a short vacay....(3-4 days is the norm for us), then doing some general puttering.

In line with my new Frank Lloyd Wright obsession, we watched a great documentary on Netflix this morn (45 mins left to finish). You simply HAVE to love a man who didn't even come close to doing his best work until well into his '70's! I also genuinely appreciate that he was completely enamoured with his own talent and dreams of grandeur...shouldn't we all dump the false modesty and embrace what makes us great? Also, what's not to love about a hat, cane and overcoat-as-cape:)

Since we went to Arizona and took a Taliesin tour, I have been bothered by only one thing......his designs truly speak to me, long and low, with the first versions of 'vignette seating areas' in interior design (my opinion), but I am so not a fan of triangles. His designs all seem to incorporate them. I think this is also why I am not drawn to Native American art, I tend to like curvy stuff. Perhaps he was thinking of me when he designed the Guggenheim??????:)

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