Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Every SINGLE TIME I walk in my studio there is a new and sundry bug marching accross the floor. And I dare not even go out back cause the wasps will attack. Ahhhh, country life:)

Haven't been able to post anything cause I have literally not worked this hard in my life. I have a number of my show orders going to the framer tomorrow, with others in the beginning phase. I'm really having the time of my life.

I'm having to break for yoga cause my neck is about to fall off. It honestly is magic. Littlest one does it with me there's a treat:)

Back to the studio....yep, 10:45 and I just took a 10 minute break to let some silicone set up. Just going to go back in, remove the supports and call it a night. Yee haw.....oh yeah, cried me a river cause I missed Stampede last week, but we're all used to me crying over missing Calgary in this house so no one pays attention:)

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