I have been working non-stop all week to make a dent in the custom orders I received from my recent show. No, I never did take that day off:) The only piece that is really weighing on me is one of my 'nest' series involving a twig. If you remember, a while back I was having a 'bad twig week', where EVERY twig I made either fell apart in the kiln, or while I was finishing it, etc. I thought I had tried everything until a blog reader suggested that maybe I should dry my twigs beyond where I thought they were dry. Seems that did the trick.

Anyway, over the course of the week I've been making two twigs, and they finally went into the kiln today. The typical stuff alarm went off when the twigs burnt out, etc.,....and when it was time to open the kiln I actually held my breath. Anyway, out they came in one piece, and they held up well to the finishing process. The one on the right is for the custom piece, and the one on the left is for.....well, I have plans for it....I'll post it in a while when I'm happy with it. Here's a has something to do with birth order.

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