Thank You, and a Funny...

I cannot thank you enough for all of the support at the recent Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. I was overwhelmed with wonderful comments. I really love my customers because for a person to even respond to such whimsical art, they have to be precious themselves:)

I am completely exhausted, taking the day off today, then will start with custom orders tomorrow. If you purchased a piece from the show, and I asked you to please leave it on display until the end, they have all now be sent out. You will receive your piece tomorrow, or Thursday by the absolute latest.

When I come back to life I'll post some funny stories from the show, but I'll leave you with what made me smile this morning from my precious Littles One.

Me to Littlest One: "Time to get up for Art Camp. Get dressed and I'll make your breakfast"

Him (groggily): "OK. Can I have Apple Cinnamon Cheerio's?"

Me: "Yep"

Him (still eyes shut, half asleep): "And plus....they expire on January 15."

Precious kid. He has a photographic memory for expiry dates. He doesn't go looking for them, his eyes just take them in and his brain stores the info back there for the appropriate time. Also, whenever he is about to impart some important tidbit or fact he says "And plus......"

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