Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle...

Today's fun task was to print out my gallery style price cards to post beside my pieces at this weekend's Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. As mentioned previously, I'm well aware that the tone of this show is very different than what I'm used's more visual art than craft. In order to make my display appear more 'gallery' style, I realized that those little white cards posted beside artwork in galleries with titles, medium and price were in order. Problem is, that's just not me. I've held back quite a bit display wise for this show, not wanting to appear too 'cute and crafty', but at some point I've had to say 'To hell with it.....I am what I am".

To that end, I am really happy with the price cards I came up with. The three colours are all pulled from the bubbles in my logo (branding, anyone???), and the three different photo's denote my 3 current lines.....dresses, flowers and nests. They are printed on photo paper, mounted on foamcore, then have tiny curtains hooks push in to attach them to my mesh walls. BTW, I think I will change the font colour from white to gunmetal on the orange one to make it more readable.

Great thing....I had all of this stuff at home already. I have packs of photo paper that I never use (you could also use plain paper), my studio abounds with foam scraps, and the curtain hooks are also a staple, and tres cheap. Yep, it would be easier just to print them out on business card paper or such, but I just so enjoy the hands on part of this. I completely LIVE for the last part when I'm cutting with my exacto knife, and a perfect little card sits smiling at me:) Won't matter to anyone else, the art is all that matters....but I think they're pretty, and since you know my work, pretty and precious makes my mouth water:). Remember, my work is all pretty much one colour, so it's important to me to bring some colour in. Photographers and painters probably ARE best to stick with the white cards cause their work is often colourful in itself.

I urge anyone out there who enjoys this type of thing to invest in Adobe Illustrator and a basic class in how to use it. I seriously only use about 1% of what it can do, but it is just so darned much fun putting this stuff together. I totally love the inkdropper function....I simply click on any of my logo bubbles to fill another space (text background) with that same colour. It's a real boon when designing your marketing materials.

Yes, I realize it takes a fair bit of time, but this is what I do when I'm watching a movie, or the freakishly addictive TODDLERS AND TIARA's!!! Btw, folks, clue in.....that show is a comedy!.....ooops, it's not???????

All the while I've been doing this, I've been postponing one last marathon studio session. I have to be in the right frame of mind to create, and if this marketing stuff is in my head I can't do anything till I get it out. Tomorrow.......

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