The fun stuff

Ahhhhhh.....I so love the last week or so before a big show. I totally get off on organizing my stuff, making little details, etc. Since the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is my first outdoor show there is much to do and change from my regular indoor display.

Since I will have mesh walls to hang my art, rather than my propanels (which I just velcro everything to), I had to figure out how to hang my pendants. I took one of my frosted plexi pieces left over from my original display stand and made a new pendant display. I like it so much I'll probably use it for my indoor shows as well. With my propanels, it will simply attach with velcro on the back, but for the mesh walls I just stuck a curtain hook through the velcro, hanging the hook on the mesh.

This is just laying on the floor as the stuff is not attached. The little signs and the hangers already have heavy duty 2 sided tape attached on the back. When we arrive at the show I'll just take the backing off the tape and stick it right on the plexi. I don't transport the plexi with the hooks on, etc, because they could easily get knocked off. The plexi is flat, and the hooks and signs just go in a baggie in my admin box.....easy peasy. Because it's plexi, the tape will come off when I'm done with just a good tug with some pliers.

The sign and picture are mounted onto foamcore. How did I get that nice round shape you ask? new toy! The Foamwerks circle cutter. I attached the photo to foamcore and used the cutter. Sooooo much fun....I can tell I will have many foamcore circles in my future:).

Nice thing about this show as well is that with no electricity I don't have to transport any lighting and electronics...that really cuts down. Also, since I've got a white tent with white mesh walls, I wanted a bit of colour (normally get that from my lime green carpet), so I am forgoing my usual plexi panels that attach to my cash out stand and purchased a simple length of a nice lime green fabric to wrap around. It's held in place with bulldog clips at the back so another easy peasy set up, and it folds up to nothing (oops, thought I had a pic, but no). The tubes for my display stand go in a skinny artists tube, and the top simply goes flat into a portfolio, along with any plexi I may this case my pendant plexi above.

Now to make gallery style price tags for all of my work. At other shows I put the price right on my frame with a sticker, but this show is more art than craft, with more of a gallery feel. For that reason as well my overall display is more gallery style than my usual fun look. I'll take pics at the show, but don't prepare to be wowed:).

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