A busy day....finally!

I've been having trouble getting REALLY going for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. My work is so fiddly and there are sooooo many steps involved in making my dress pendants that I tend to make some then let them sit, then fret about them, then let them sit some more, then worry about the huge workload ahead, etc. Anyway, it always works out and today I had one of those just do it days.

Got 15 pendants almost completed...still have to spray protectant, then do chains. These have been 3 weeks in the making, so I'll be so happy to have them done. Tomorrow, tomorrow......

FYI, here are the steps involved in the pendants alone:
  1. sculpt/create them
  2. file and shape them
  3. add embellishments
  4. fire in kiln
  5. file parts that won't be accessible after hanger goes in
  6. make hangers
  7. fuse hangers and loops
  8. heat harden in kiln
  9. apply Jax blackener to certain parts
  10. apply liver of sulfur to certain parts
  11. sand and polish colour off certain parts
  12. tumble
  13. apply protectant spray....
ahhhhhhhh............details, details..........

I'm also in the process of layout for 'summer of '69'. I've laid out 1/2 of the components just to get an idea, and cut a sample mat size out of paper to see what will work. I'm good with this sizing. Still have to add birds and flowers, but I need to check layout along the way cause sometime that will make a diff to what type of flowers I make, etc, or to the overall piece.

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