Summer of '69 Part 2

The last 2 items of clothes for the line...didn't you just love to wear halter tops? I feel like the top may be a tad small in scale, but when I held it up to the other pieces it worked. Usually stuff like that drives me crazy, so I'll see how it looks when I'm further along in the process.

Made 2 tinier than normal birds today to perch on the clothes line, then I'll do the flowers. I'm thinking of framing it at about 12 x 15, but that may change 4 thousand times.

My paperbark maple went in today and I couldn't be happier. Now for some shrubs along the front of the house, and some boxwoods to cover the well and outlet pipes and some filler type things and that tiny part of our 4 acres of weeds will be tackled:) Problem is that the area right in front of the house that needs the shrubs gets zero sun, and the only shrubs that will work in deep shade seem to be extra yummy for deer. Oh well, we'll figure something out. Praise the lord for Greta the Garden fabu next door neighbour who is doing far more than coaching:).

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