Summer of '69

I've long had in my mind that I would do a larger piece that would be more for me, unless someone felt inclined to pay $500+ for it. I've always had an idea or two simmering around, but as often happens, today it just came in full. Summer of '69.

This is just a sneak peak at a few of the elements. Need more clothes, some birds, flowers, etc. I'll need to have a custom frame made in a larger size than usual, but since I anticipate keeping this one I don't mind.

I've always been a '60's girl, and it was quite funny, cause today as I was working on this and listening to music in my studio, I had to laugh at what came on:

Wild World...Cat Stevens
Vincent...Don McLean
Gingerbread Man....Bobby Sherman (Yes! Bobby Sherman!)
Puppy Love...Donny Osmond
To Sir With Love...Jann Arden's version ROCKS!
I Think I Love You...David Cassidy

I have very little on my ipod cause I like the same stuff over and over, but it is all '60's and '70's. The only '80's+ is Bruce and Jimmy Nail and a few flashes of brilliance...Lady Gaga, etc.

I'll post a full pic when it's done.

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