Completely unrelated to anything design.....

....but it's my blog, so I can pretty much do what I want:)

I spent today driving to three different places to purchase my all-time favorite tree for the front of our house....yeah, I'm in a forest already, but I can't live without this tree...ok, so it makes me happy..... The Paperbark Maple.

First trip was to Waterdown (40 mins there, 40 mins back) luck, just a few Charlie Brown specimens. Then to Kitchener (35 mins there 35 mins back)....more Charlie Brown's! Then....bonanza......45 mins to Ancaster where I found the most beautiful one.

I simply LOVE this tree. The bark is a cinnamon colour and peels all the time. They really are works of art. Can't WAIT for it to go in. BTW, this is not a pic of mine, just an awesome shot of what the bark looks like.

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