I am now cautiously optimistic. I had about 6 twigs in a row (and a lot of time and $$$$$) collapse on me. A reader, 'Kath', sent me an e-mail suggesting that maybe I needed to dry out my twigs a lot more. I was drying them, but will all the rain we've had here, even an hour or so in the dehydrator was probably not enough, so I put one in overnight and.......SUCCESS! I love how this one came out...I really am into the organic nature of them....I DON'T want them perfect. I just love when they crack in the right spot...on the knots...and some blackener highlights it all.

Come to think of it, the first two twigs that worked with no problem had been sitting in my studio for weeks, so they were probably totally dry. Thanks Kath!

Another happy mistake. I'm working on some TINY (2mm) eggs, and since my clay was not fresh as a daisy, I got the perfect crack! You can barely notice it with the naked eye, but with some blackener it really comes to life. I LOVE it, and have incorporated the crack into my design. Hope to have the finished piece posted in the next week.

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