...a not so good studio day...

I've been having a difficult time in the last few days with my twigs. I made a few really nice ones and got a bit complacent....thinking they were just so darned easy:) As often happens with me, I'm brought down to earth pretty quickly. I had some beautifully shaped twigs, put them in the kiln today, and lo and behold.......yuckiness is what came out. Obviously this one had a bunch of 'stuff' in the paste, although it looked smooth to me....can't see it too much in the photo but, believe me, it's yucky.

This one must have been made with paste that was just too thin. It had the same number of coats but completely fell apart. It is kind of neat, though, and gave me some ideas of burnt out logs, so I may incorporate it into a future vignette.

Worst thing is that since the original twigs burn away in the kiln, these lovely little specimens cannot be duplicated:(.

I'm working on two more now and I'm taking advantage of the lessons learned....smooooooth, thick (enough) paste.

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