Drama, drama, drama

Ahhhhh.....I had a framing drama/meltdown this morning getting those darned singing Robin's permanently into their home. Here's the rundown...
  1. Figured out how to attach the vignette without being seen from the edges.
  2. Used 3 NEW blades on mat cutter, and cuts still came out jagged. Bad batch, wasted 3 mat boards, 3 blades.
  3. Got the foamcore attached to mat to create lift, and it wasn't high enough. Nest would 'bang into' glass.
  4. Added another layer, then too high to fit in frame with glass and clear spacer.
  5. Spacer could be seen on edges of glass from the front, so off they came...not before leaving their gluey residue.
  6. Minutely flattened the nest without disturbing anything to make it not bang.
  7. Yahoo! (This was about 1.5 hours of drama during which I was going to 'walk away from the freight train', but was incapable of doing so)
The ante room between the studio and house has beadboard (not really a fan) but it suits the piece. I always thought these would look good in a cottage.

Also diggin' the way the back looks. I LOVE my new stickers, and I really enjoy the black backing. I just think it looks more professional than the kraft's all in the details.

Also spent the morning following the UPS progress of my new fancy, shmancy tent for outdoor shows. It has been to 4 different US locations, can't imagine that is cheaper than just putting it on ONE plane ONE time! I will be writing a post in the very near future about my tent purchase. Right now, to relax, I'm going to watch the online video of how to assemble it....that's right people! My tent needs video assembly instructions:) I totally get off on that stuff so this is as good as an episode of Y&R:). By the way, how weird am I? I've already seen this video before, when the dream of this tent was just a twinkle in my eye. And people wonder why I am the queen of minutia....I've seen the video!:).

Also spent an hour this morn IN THE RAIN with my garden coach! Yes! I have a garden coach:) I hate gardening, but we have a huge property with a LONG driveway and the weeds had taken over when we moved in. I'm totally getting off on thinking of appearing in a gardening magazine 10 years from now saying "It was a disaster when we moved in, but over 10 years of toil and sweat has transformed it into this award winning vision". Now to figure out how to turn my garden coach into the 'toiler' and 'sweater'. Hmmmmmm...........

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