Rockin' Robins

One down, 4 more to go in the Nest Series I hope to have completed for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. I'm a little stressed/bummed because I have at least 5 drawings that flew out of my brain 5 minutes after my initial nest inspirmania (ohhhh....nice word!!!), and I CAN'T FIND THEM!! I have special, handmade leather bound books that I got each time I went to Rome to visit The Exorcist, then she got me one at Christmas (a beautiful orange suede), and I can't find it since my Phoenix trip. I've checked all possible luggage pockets and am at my whit's end. It was on the plane to Phoenix that I first watched the Anne Geddes Beginnings documentary and the ideas were pouring out of me into my beautiful, tiny little book. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....... All is not lost.....I KNOW I will find it. Please concentrate some good thoughts for me!

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