Hungry baby birds

As I have mentioned, I've been working for a while on perfecting the tiny birds for the vignettes. I got the mama pretty much how I want her (although only in one particular pose) but the babies were driving me batty....hmmmm....when have I said that before????.....anyway......

I've been after this type of look for the babies....babies hungrily waiting for a yummy, nummy worm.....

I've tried many incarnations and I'm definitely making progress now.

This is just the clay stage, of course, but needed to photo it just to see what was missing. I'll probably make the neck a bit thinner, and the beak a bit larger and more open, but I'm on the right track. I don't usually put eyes or anything on my tiny things....too realistic for me....and the bottom is cut off cause of course these will be sitting in nests. The most difficult part for me was to show the 'yearning/straining' in the neck, and I've figured that out. As you can see, they are only about 1 cm long, and the beauty is that as they are sculpted in original pmc, I will get much more shrinkage than usual. As a matter of fact, they may turn out too small, but they have to live in the nest with 2 or 3 siblings, so it might just be fine.

Thought I'd show you the tools required to make this tiny being. Actually, these are my fav tools for everything I make.

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