Fiddling and editing

Broke down and bot 5 of the more expensive frames, just cause I love them. I'm now fiddling with layouts, mat sizing, etc.

I like tight matting, but may go a bit bigger than above. Working on babies for the nest, deciding where Mama Bird belongs, and may change the nest up a bit (looking to use a slightly less green)....just need to get some visuals now. Until I take a sample photo I can't tell anything. At that point all of the flaws reveal themselves to me and the editing begins in earnest. I'm thrilled with the way that the frames complement the organic nature of the overall vignette. I am also especially in love with how this particular twig came out.

The name of this one will not be as written above, that mat board is simply an old sample I use to get a visual. I really need to see a title written as well just to complete everything. Soooo.....not as easy as 'make a nest, make a bird, make a twig, glue it down' is it:)

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