Tweet updated...

As I mentioned previously, the next step in my nest series was perfecting the bird. Think I did that today. This one will be one that may perch on a branch...need a bit different of a pose for a nested baby, but I'm on my way. I wanted him to look like he was calling to the babies, I'll probably do a serene, closed beak one, but this was what came from my hands today.

I was inspired to use a colour inside of the beak by Ruth of Birdland Creations. She made a bird with gold inside of it's beak.....this is just liver of sulphur. Thanks for the inspiration, Ruth, I hope you don't mind.

This tiny tweet is about 1 cm long. I posed him on a penny so you could get a better idea. People always ask about the size of my things, and even when I put pics with pennies and dimensions they still ALWAYS say "Oh, I had no idea how tiny they were".....!!! Pay attention people!!!:)

These will only be used as accompaniments to my nest vignettes....they will not be made as individual earrings or pendants for sale. I'm just not comfortable with that as they are dangerously close to the works of other 'bird artists'.....Yes, I realize that there are very few ways to sculpt a wee, whimsical bird, so similarities are inevitable, but for the time being I really view them in relation to the vignette as a whole.

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