First Communion custom piece

I was approached a few weeks ago to create a special gift for a little girl receiving her first communion today. I am not a fan of custom designs as literal translations of an event (read ginormous cross!), and thankfully the customer did not appear to be either. She has one of my custom name pendants, so we tweaked that a bit to come up with the final for her daughter. This can be worn long after she grows up to memorialize a special day in her life.

Thought I'd show a little bit of what went into the finishing decisions. The customer was sure she wanted gold embellishment on the cross, but was unsure about the antiquing. I mentioned that the plain silver does not show the gold off to it's full potential, and I've often thought the antiquing sets off the text better as well. I showed her a photo of the piece un-antiqued, and she decided that antiquing was the way to go.

Congratulations Elise....hope you have a wonderful day:)

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