Ohhhhh, new a business kind of way

I was introduced to by my new sister wife, Just Jill, at the One of a Kind Show. She had lovely little mini business cards that were merely little strips of great quality stock, with different pictures on each. Turns out they were from, which I had never heard of. So, after checking them out I've decided I simply MUST have some (What???? The 5000 business cards I have may not be enough:)). I will be using the skinny cards for care cards inside of my little jewelry boxes. You can put an unlimited number of pictures on the front of them, and I will put the 'how to care for your jewelry info on the back'. Here's an example of two options for the front and the text for the back:

I think I will also use them for hang tags for earrings when I do shows where I am displaying things other than my pendants. I will just punch two holes in them for the earrings to hang from, with a hole at the top for the card to hang on a piece of plexi, or something like that. Using lots of different pictures, they could really make an eyecatching display.

I've also discovered another great new business tool - Bead Manager Pro. I've always loved my Jewelry Designer Manager Pro, but it only runs on a Windows format, so I have to run Parallels on my mac in order to run it. That's just a pain for me....and causes a few tiny glitches, although I also have to do it for my Quickbooks. I just wanted to have a program that runs on a mac, as BMP does, so I'm happy. It seems to do just what JDM does, and is a little more user friendly and professional looking. Don't let the name fool doesn't really have to do with beading, it's simply a name for a jewelry (or any other craft) business software.

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