A note about framing

My current conundrum in the 'Nest' saga is framing. All of my vignettes are framed in custom, solid wood frames in either black, white or silver with a gold wash. Problem is, I didn't feel that any of these were just right for my new series. I am a bit of a frame junkie, I probably covet beautiful frame mouldings like others covet shoes.

Anyway, went to see my framer, and together we found a BEAUTIFUL frame that really does justice to the organic nature of the Nest series. Only problem is they are TWICE the cost of my regular frames, and THEY are not cheap. They are hand painted, Italian made artisan frames.....ohhhh, fancy schmancy......but I simply can't get them out of my mind. I'm deciding whether to just purchase 5, and display those and see what the response is. Of course, figuring out sizing is the next problem.....I can fuss on that for DAYS.

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