Lucky, lucky me

That's how I feel after being able to hear John Elder Robison speak last night at the ROM. John is the author of my fav aspie book (he is a person with Aspergers)...Look Me in the Eye, and has a new AWESOME book out...Be Different. He is also the brother of Augusten Burroughs, who wrote one of my fav books...Running With Scissors. Anyway, he and Temple Grandin are changing the way that people view autism, and hopefully making them see that without autistic people in the world, we might not be as far ahead. Oh, yeah, John also was the guy who created the smoking, flaming guitars for KISS in the 70's. I love him cause he's all about embracing your inner geek and building on your strengths.

Anyway, he was a great speaker. Here's a bit of an interview with him (you can find part 2 on youtube):

The most wonderful part of the whole evening was sitting in a packed auditorium with hundreds of people who you know just 'get it'. Although friends have been great, it gets trying having to explain things to people all the time, especially when littlest one does something a bit odd. It was just heaven being there. Probably the most comfortable I have felt in the last 8 years.

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