....and the fiddling begins...

I was bothered by the finish of the twig in the previous post pics, which comes from using a substance called 'liver of sulfur' on the silver. It was a bit too gold and was overpowering the composition, so I took everything apart, put some more on, then sanded most of it still needs a smidge to highlight some details. I'm a bit happier with this look. This is what takes me so long.....I will think I'm done, but something will be nagging at me. Still think the bird has to be about 2mm larger...I'll get to that this week.

I do all of my fiddling on the first piece of a new series (in this case 'nests'). That way, when I have it all figured out I'm good to go on all of the different compositions that are filling my head.....'precarious', 'summer evening', 'mother nature', etc. I'm also wondering if getting my glasses later this week will help. My sight is not bad, but since I'm thinking the vignette is off cause the bird has to be 2mm larger (and, yes, I'm being serious), the extra 0.00001% clarity will seem like night and day to me.

I'm 95% done my custom pieces, so if any of you are reading this, they will go out early this week. Pendants just have to be put on chains, etc.

A happy outcome of toning down the colour.....with the astronomical rise in silver prices (25% since January), people will be able to ascertain more clearly that this is a silver piece. The liver of sulfur colouring often confuses people into thinking it is another material.

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