Perched... (with a bit of 'other stuff')

I am still fiddling with the nest, birds, composition, etc....but this really did come out as I expected, which is sooooo nice. I'm deciding on framing, may look towards some natural wood frames as opposed to my black, white or gold leaf. I'll think (fret) on it a while:). I will also fiddle with using this 'golden' LOS finish on the twig, as opposed to regular silver, but that may change from composition to composition.

I feel that it is necessary to add that this composition and bird design was the one that I had in my mind at the time of my 'nesting post' before Ruth told me about hers (from my previous post). I would hate for anyone to think that I jacked an idea from another artist, although many truly inspire me. This is the nature of Ruth's and my freaky long-lost sisterhood....we come up with the same ideas all too often. I've thought before of simply not making any that may appear too similar, but I decided that that would be silly. We have SO many simultaneously similar ideas I'd be left doing paint-by-numbers:).

Throughout this I'm making my custom pieces, and, sadly, I have to remake one. Just didn't come out right...this happens sometimes, and I would NEVER give a customer something I'm not 100% pleased with.

In amongst all of this studio time today was a trip to the eye doctor. Littlest one needs glasses (soooooo sweet on him), and the eye doctor was kind enough to stand in front of him and say "So, I see _______ suffers from Autism"!!! Needless to say I was NOT impressed, and had to have a talk with littlest one in the car on the way home about his diagnosis. I knew I had to address it with him soon, but being outed by the eye doc was not how I expected to do it. Littlest one did not disappoint, and took it all in stride...after I explained that Albert Einstein also was a person with Asperger's, and that he was one of the smartest people in the world, littlest one's response was:

"THE smartest"....and back to his book he went:)

(Won't even tell you my reaction to the 'suffering' part!)

Lesson of the day people. Even if you think that someone's child is well aware of a certain aspect of their makeup, it is not your place to speak freely in front of them about it. Speak with parents privately at first and clarify what is appropriate.

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