Step 1-A:)

Soooo pleased with how my little twig came out. This is not a new thing for people working with silver clay, I've just never had a need to try it. I was actually shocked at how easy it was. Only bummer, the original twig burns out in the kiln so you have to keep gathering new ones....and I so loved this one. Oh well, on 3 acres I'm sure I can find another:)

In between working on my custom orders today I will turn my attention to the nest building. I've thought about it for hours in my head so I'm just praying it turns out without too much stress.

Also wanted to share this photo. My friend Ruth (whom I stalked online till she agreed to be my friend) has a very similar design aesthetic to mine. We are constantly amazed at how we can be working on similar pieces, sometimes with similar names!, without even knowing it. Anyway, she had e-mailed after my initial post about my nest inspiration taking over my life saying that, oddly enough, she had just finished a nest piece. Anyway, here it is......Is is not sooooooo precious!

I love it. I think it's my fav piece of hers so far.

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