Step One

I have begun the first step in bringing my new 'Nest' series to life. There are about 50 more steps to go:). I have already put about 12-15 hours of research into how to finangle it, and don't even know how much more will be required to finesse it. I've taken these first R&D steps with many ideas that have never come to fruition, but I have high hopes for this one. If all else fails, you can purchase one and I will come to your home holding an empty frame, and position myself in your living room to tell all visitors what it WOULD have looked like if it had worked.....performance art.........hmmmmmmmm.

In amongst my experimentation, I am completing custom orders from the show. They will be out next week for any of my customers reading this wondering why I'm drinking caesar's, catching up on a week of Y&R, and experimenting when I should be WORKING SOLELY ON YOUR PIECE:) It's my process, man.........

p.s. Have to laugh at that huge bag of elastics. We need them in the house a few times per year, but our old ones were disintigrating, so I went to buy a 'few' more. Well, apparently, there is no such thing as a few elastics:)

p.s.s. The thing holding my twig is my Bench Mate with third arm. I LOVE it. It typically is attached to my jewelers bench (goes on and off in a jiffy), and is just so darned handy for many things. I no longer solder directly onto the attached board, cause I find it too much of a heat sink....I just stick my fav soldering block on top.

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