Hey Sistah...

Boy did I luck out this time at the One of a Kind show......I had the most amazing booth neighbours, many of whom I'm trying to convince to become my sister wife! What a concept.....who doesn't need a wife....actually my husband REALLY needs one that actually doesn't the whole sister wife thing sound GREAT!

Anyway, my new sister wife is Just Jill of Oakville. She makes the most exquisite children's clothing, and as I told her over and over she is soooooo gifted it's freaky. I used to make my own clothes, so I can distinguish a 'sewer' from a 'dressmaker'. Jill is a dressmaker. Her stiches are BEAUTIFUL and the little touches like facings and topstiching are done to perfection. You can just tell she puts such love into her creations so that makes her more special.....and ask her hubby/cutter how many pieces go into her precious hats. Apparently husband 'cutters' are as delicate as 'husbands with colds'...we all know how that goes:) BTW, I've tried to put a pic of a Just Jill creation but couldn't copy and paste them.

Another reason to love Just Jill....she bot me a pie!!! (It's amazing what passes for dinner at the OOAK show). My sister wife accross the aisle had a thang for the 'cheesecake on a stick', REALLY...such a thing exists.

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