OMG!!! I am freakishly inspired!!!

Just got back from Phoenix last night (man, do I LOVE that place....calm, calm, calm)....and from the day before I left I have been so crazy inspired with new ideas that I can't see straight. It all started with the Anne Geddes pic that I downloaded in my previous post. I just googled her to find a precious image, and was thrilled to see that just last year she came out with a whole new concept...Beginnings. Anyway, I downloaded the 1 hour long documentary about her process (get it from iTunes), and from the moment she discussed some birds nests she found in a museum, I started to breathe heavily and cry. Yes, I'm serious...this is how my ideas come to me...

Anyway, the moment I saw those nests I was inspired to make some new vignettes incorporating that theme. I have 4 in my head that are BEGGING to be made, but the experimentation will begin after the One of a Kind Show, which I move into tomorrow. The birds nests will be the first time I will use a non silver item in my vignettes, but, rest assured, these mini wonders will be created with my hands. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

I also bot some polymer clay and a tiny pasta machine for conditioning it in Phoenix. My goodness, you Americans, never let me hear you complain about the price of things! They are practically giving this stuff away at JoAnns craft stores. The pasta machine was $12.99!!! Anyway, in amongst the laundry extravaganza today, I made my first mini canes...they are only about 1/4" wide, and were just a quick experiment, but I can tell I'm going to have some fun in the Lollypop area.

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