No more lineups!!!

Whoo hoo!! We go away to Phoenix for a few days next week and I have been holding my breath till the Nexus cards arrived....and they did today! For those of you who aren't familiar with them, they allow you to skip the ridiculously long customs lineup at the airport (or the drive over border) and go directly to the retina scanning machine. When we went to Boston in November, I almost missed my flight as the customs line was 1 hour long. We all know I have NO patience, but add to that a child on the spectrum and there was no way I was going to get into that predicament again. My husband has had one for years, but that won't help us.

When we arrive home, we have 1 day, then off to the One of a Kind show to move in. No matter, I am done with preparations! I shampooed my display carpet today, just waiting for it to dry for me to roll it up tomorrow, and my display is still packed from Christmas, so easy peasy. I'll get my checklist out tomorrow, wrap up my artwork and I'm done. I will be able to enjoy our little vacay and go into the show stress-free. OK, anyone who knows me knows that I just don't do stress-free....I could be in the middle of paradise with nothing but Y&R tapes and champagne and I would still stress....It's just me.

We will be continuing the OOAK tradition with a trip to Rodneys for oysters and champagne after the set up. My wonderful parents will make sure Littlest One gets to school and back so we are very thankful.

BTW. You REALLY want to be Littlest One's dentist. I brought him to a pediatric dentist today who specializes in special needs kids, nasty dental issues, etc. How wonderful was it to meet a professional who actually understands Autism Spectrum Disorders without requiring copius explanations. Littlest One has EXTENSIVE dental issues. When the dentist saw his teeth today for the first time I said "I'll bet your new vacation home is flashing before your eyes". He just smiled and nodded. Anyway, he was AWESOME, and has assured me that there will be liberal use of nitrous oxide, and any other sedation required. Don't bother e-mailing me with the dangers. I grew up getting gas at the dentist and credit it with the reason that I have absolutely NO fear of dentistry....yes, I've had root canals, tons of teeth removed, etc. LOVE ME THAT GAS!

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